Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2019

Where did family go?~by rldubour



Where did family go?

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High on a cliff above the western yew
With sharpened eyes the eagle scans his view.
The slightest movement on the land below
Off he glides with the air currents warm flow.
The object now locked within his great sight.
Chances are good this raptor eats tonight.

From all nature creatures able to kill
There is only one that does without will.
With no remorse~~ no conscience just thrill.
The truth of this message sends us a chill.
Nothing on earth can be safe from mankind.
When violence is set in the back of their mind.

The native people who once shared this land
All one with nature they did understand.
That all living creatures this they did see.
Everything has a purpose to be.
The air and the waters kept clean and pure.
All this for their children they would assure.

Not all of our progress do we see good things.
We are failing to see what nature brings.
What we called family seems all but gone.
Respect and the values the meaning is wrong.
Violence does fester~~ morals we breach.
Brotherly love we no longer do teach.

Like in a race the leader is called greed.
What is the answer to fill all our needs?
The answer is home we plant the first seed.
We teach to our children how to succeed.
Of love and through knowledge this we do feed.
With respect to all~~ helps prevents the bad weed.

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