Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 26, 2019

“IT’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT”~by Timothy Payton‎

Today is a very special day, my mother’s birthday!! Her 80th today & like to share some pictures & a poem I wrote also for her & like to share with all you as well so please enjoy & wish her a happy birthday!! Thank you all very much & good blessings!!



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life can be so hard, makes it difficult just to think,
Don’t know whether you’re coming or going or which way to take,
Feels like you can’t catch a break, no matter what it takes,
But you know what…
It’s gonna be alright!!!

Your job is so stressful, all you do is work, that’s your life,
The bills keep piling, you & the family fights, every night,
Kids acting up & you feel like you’re
going to blow up inside!!!
just keep calm because…
It’s gonna be alright!!!

You’ve lost a loved one, your whole world is shattered,
Everything that was you died, what’s it matter??
Just live your life through them, don’t become bitter,
they’re in a better place, knowing…
it’s gonna be alright!!!

You feel out of place, not really a people person,
You speak what you feel, there’s no need for rehearsing,
Just wish you could just feel like you have a life as a person,
you can!! just have faith & belief, because… it’s gonna to be alright!!!

We all make mistakes, we all are going to fall,
We’re not going to meet expectations, we may not hear the call,
We all are our own best friend or worst enemy,
we got to let go & let God & know everything…
Is gonna be alright!!!

written by Timothy Payton

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