Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 26, 2019

WHEN THE TIME COMES~by Young Francis




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When the time comes
You must be ready then
To show all what you’ve learnt
With the bold smile you bore

Be strong in anticipation
See reason for your ways
As praying day and night
To not fail some course of life

You have clear density ears
Use them to while you can
Be ready when the time comes
To not blow away your chance
Because when you learn now
With all your focus and force

Reason and motivation becomes clear
Seemingly bigger than they’re near
Be ready for the time
And shine your force on us all

If you won’t be working now
If you won’t focus at all
And see what you must do
At the depth of truth
Then I don’t know what to say
Or what everybody will say
To keep you on the run
When the great time comes

Start being the reason to live
And shake it in your being
For hardwork is a common joy
To start earning it now
Like a day so foam with clouds
Should you be on guard
For when it rains any time
I pray you’ll be fine

Be ready when the time comes
And be good by then
A labor day is a happy day
The joys to work and pay

When you earn the labour’s hour
To excel from strength to strength
Power glows in you
As getting ready for the time
For I believe you are on course
To smile forever more.

Copyright Young Francis.

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