Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 27, 2019

FORGET HIM~by Nalini Starr




Forget him why don’t you
He has forgotten you
He broke your heart to bits 
And treats you like you don’t exist
But still you keep loving
And wishing and hoping
He will come back one day
Even though he has gone away
He once said he loved you
And you believed it was true
But his love was of the mind
An emotional kind
Something special
And could never become physical
He told you so
And your love for him did grow
But you knew with you he cannot be
And he wants you to set him free
He has already freed you from his heart
He is staying apart
Not keeping in touch
But you still love him and miss him so much
He wants you to move on
And even hate him too
But this you can never do
You cannot forget him
No matter how hard you try
You just cannot say goodbye

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