Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 28, 2019





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My Darling Martha ,
I write this letter to you , With a heavy heart ,
I have an ominous premonition .
This is to be my final day ,On earth .
There is so much I need to say .
But I’m so unsure , Of where I should start .

I feel proud and honored .
To have served my country .
And to have fought in foreign lands .
But there is no escaping .
The horror of having , Blood upon my hands .

Maimed , Bloodied , Sacrificing their lives .
I have seen many of my Comrades fall,
Without the honor of a military 21 gun salute,
Or the poignant sound , Of the last bugle call .

The acrid smell of gunpowder .
And dank dark bloodied earth
Of trenches and dugouts ,
Permeates my nostrils .
Preluding the stench of my own death .

I have been In the line of gun fire .
Escaped many bullets
That whizzed past my head .
I have been grazed and wounded .
By the thrusting steel blade of a bayonet .

But I feel my life has finally ,
Run its course , Here on earth .
I pray to God above .
That I will struggle less .
Than I did , On the day of my birth .

I am so sorry that I won’t be with you .
On our promised journey through life ,
I wish I could be there , To support you all ,
And not be the cause , Of more worry and strife .

I want you to know , I love you dearly .
And I have done so, From the very start .
That very first day we met .
I was so overwhelmed .
You captured the very beat of my heart .

I know what is going to happen to me .
Has been written in the stars .
My fate is destined to be .
I wish for you , To find love again .
My darling , I am setting you free .

So If this letter reaches you .
You will know for sure .
I won’t be returning home .
But we will meet again , In a life hereafter .
Then we will be together ,Forever more .


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