Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 28, 2019

The meaning of numbers~by rldubour


The meaning of numbers

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I will start at the beginning,
this being number one.
Every number has a meaning
not one will be undone.

One means the initiator,
leader and known for man.
Representing independence,
is how it all began.

The number two stands for woman,
man can not live without.
She’s the sensitive peacemaker,
a feminine sign no doubt.

The first two numbers equal three,
meaning goodwill and joy.
Also for creative child,
and active girl and boy.

This number also represents,
the word called family.
United from a marriage was

Number four is our foundation
our lives we build upon.
It also stands for discipline,
we lack as we go on.

Communication and desire,
I find in number five.
Symbolizing all our senses,
those make us feel alive.


Six is responsibilities,
plus love and harmony.
Also giving and receiving
and for community.

Seven stands for mental perfection,
plus wisdom and good faith.
With two more left as I push on
this brings me to the eighth.

Eight, which represents a blending
of ethics and beliefs.
Spiritual and material
and choices for relief.

Unity stands for number nine
and symbolizes love.
And stands for final destination,
I pray~~ that it’s above.

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