Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 29, 2019

“DEEPWATER”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “DEEPWATER” by martin gedge

Image may contain: water

One does not know that lurks the bowl

intruding through the dark

for black in blue will scare the school

and lure the deadly shark

with sense of smell this bait to sell

a boat to tug the tide

a sailors seat can feel the heat

as these two worlds collide

and deep to rise to stormy skies

a smile of discontent

the swarm of blood to race the flood

a vessel dumps a tent

you fight the rush of every thrust

each blow and body shot

as waves of prey around you sway

this funnel that won’t stop

and all the breath that you have left

to dive among the reef

you sink the drink as chum in cheek

to stain the gnarly teeth

but to surprise you poke the eyes

the jaws of death unclench

to feel like shit and left for spit

a monkey in a wrench

and silence still the nerving chill

you see the lighted sight

to feel the sun that once undone

the devil of your night

and as you stare the salty air

the truth becomes a chore

the chance is slim that you can swim

to ever reach the shore…

by martin gedge©

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