Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 29, 2019

Graceful~by Sarala Balachandran



Graceful. …

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She is a desirable woman
Of past fifty
With grey streaks here and there 
and the fire and passion in her eyes
Which she is covering with the pillow
out of shyness !
She is just an ordinary woman
With zest for life with life’s cruel ways at times!
She is nothing much for a man to crave for
But every man desires her for her grace !
She has just one man in her heart
His love she cherishes
With ardent passion
And waits every night
Without fail !
In her simple dress of white she is graceful and passionate for her lover, her cute and dainty fingers she run through his ruffled hair and they make an awesome pair without any glamour !
They both relish simple food cooked by her own hand
Just rice n stew of chicken and veg !
They crave not for rich lives of ruby and pearl or a mansion full of maids, but just a tiny home with simple white lacy curtains !
All admire her simplicity
And her graceful look with ruffled white streaks and passionate eyes and her swarthy complexion adds to her beauty !

Sarala Balachandran
Photo Alan L Boles

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