Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 29, 2019

Pine Tree Crossing~by rldubour



Pine Tree Crossing

Image result for Death at Pine Tree Crossing train bridge

Was just beyond her fourteenth year
she planned to run away.
Her Mama passed away last spring
Pa had no good words to say.

She met a boy and fell in love,
Beau Billy was his name.
He only wanted just one thing,
that was to bring her shame..

One summer night she gave her all
was afterwards she cried.
To find out Billy used her so,
her heart was torn inside.

He called her names that hurt her pride,
she was the tramp in town.
Now felt alone and truly thought
her life was coming down.

When Pa had heard the words,
he could not bear to hear.
Already had a broken heart
would stop within the year.

She tried her best to overcome
the damage and the pain
And everything that came to be,
had brought her great disdain.

The day when Pa was laid to rest
Beside Mama six feet down.
With thoughts of all the loneliness,
no choice but leaving town.


While in her mind all kinds of things
many she was tossing.
Four hundred feet beneath that bridge
Death~~ at Pine Tree Crossing.

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