Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2019

BROKEN , ~by Deirdre Okeeffe




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It’s been a week .
Since this little girl arrived .
In the children’s home .
Not a word has she spoken .
She’s so fragile, Bruised ,Broken .

Frightened she regresses .
Curled up like an infant , In the corner .
She’s there on her own .
Looking very sad .
And rather forlorn .

I reach out to her ,
She recoils ,When she looks up at me .
I ask her , If she is alright ?
She tries so hard not to cry.
My heart bleeds , Shes such a sad pitiful sight .

Something untoward .
Has been going on in her life .
This is so cruel and wrong .
The pain I see in her eyes .
In a child should not belong .

Just a little girl of nine years old .
She’s shakes and shivers .
But there is no cold .
Her deep dark secret .
Is as yet waiting to be told .

I look into her soulless eyes .
Tears trickle down her face .
No words she speaks .
She Silently cries .
Whimpers and sighs .

I gently reach out .
Her little hand to take .
She recoils, overcome with fear .
Her lip quivers.
Her body shakes.

Carefully approaching .
I gently enfold her .
In my arms .
This innocent little child .
Has been abused and harmed .

Stifling my emotions .
Its important to gain her trust .
We must protect her at all cost .
This is so important
We know , We must .

This little girl is crying out for help .
She just a little waif .
Who needs to be protected .
She deserves someone
to safeguard her life .


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