Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2019

MAN IS ALL MOUTH~by Mustapha Amine Chiguer




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When the shit hits the fan
Can’t we rise up as one man
Or shall I be your bully man
And say we can’t hold a candle.

Don’t take it so hard brother
If I groan ,rant, fume and rave
Cause from the cradle to the grave
We just fly off the handle
Letting our dreams fly out
The window without a claim

I’m telling you man to man
We‘ve been waiting in the wings
With our wings clipped
We have groaned enough
Under the yoke of their leverage
Under the weight of their levity
Don’t you realise the gravity
Of our unmanly gravity?

I guess we have enjoyed the romance
Of thank you very much and yes man
Leading the world a merry dance
I guess we are drowning in our murky waters
And I can say our mettle dwindles and falters
Our only claim to fame is submission
As we are falling short on our mission
To break the silence for a change
Of our laden burdens which range
From oppression and repression
And depression and you name it..

Does it come as a bitter sweet surprise
That they lead us by the nose
Thinking we are living the life of Riley
Can’t we stake our claim of a better life
Better than the one that’s rife
With makeshifts pitfalls and pratfalls

They say we don’t have a prayer of success
Don’t we have the right and will to access
The towering top of their bonanza heap
And our profuse harvest reap
And see how the other half lives!!!!!!!!!

Mustapha Mustapha Amine Chiguer29/5/2019

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