Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2019

ORDINARY LOVE~by Aendgzel Roze




Image may contain: water

Some seek for a love that’s extra ordinary
Wasting time wandering from one place to another
Crossing the far away oceans
Traveling to the other side of the world
But then, unknown to self knowing
That by just seeing through from heart’s sight
Need not to be a wanderer of love anymore
Simply open up yourself and share everything you’ve got
And find simple joys on those ordinary ones
Who’s been with us every minute of our everyday’s,
Cherish each momentous togetherness in bliss
With such contentment and a loving heart
Then, you’ll realize the extra ordinary you’re seeking for
Is already there waiting to be noticed and appreciated
In the nook of quitetude
The ordinary ones with beckoning heartwarming smiles
Need not to be sought around… anymore.

©®Purple Roze

Painting by: Aendgzel Roze


  1. inside out, amen

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