Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2019

THE NAUGHTY BOY~by Young Francis



(lust and charms)
part 01

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We are two twin sisters
Who lived by the shore

For a boy burst our shadows unseen
His lust will follow us to our homes
His hair of purple white he made
To happily lead his days in town
To pat a sight so moved by him
To touch her mistress hand in at will
To meet his dying lust

He will speed where we will play
To watch our dance at shore
He will hide behind a tree
And watch in distant as we play
The peaceful shores at day

No one knew what is being done
No knew his ways at all
To follow us anywhere we go
And secretly watch our ways in vain

For weeks he has been so
In giving our privacy the burnt
For weeks have we endured
The acts of this poor boy

We are twins so much the same
Of charming looks and longer hair
We are the daughters of a poet
Who represents the land

So much we go, and he will follow
Any where in the peaceful shores
We notice his schemes for weeks
But kept it onto ourselves

He has been so
Of having a deal with women
Like a magnet to the nails
He greatly has the lust

We cannot turn to forest green
We cannot play at night alone
We cannot say a word in silence
Through our human schemes alone

Without the spy of the poor boy

But he is young,we will say
And cannot live a life alone
He is poor,we will think
Of seeing how his house appeals

But one thing we know for sure
His bravery with words
So good a boy in every class
Of making high the pass

Anywhere we go,he’ll follow
Anytime we love to play
For his lust to burn his course
Is growing out of hand

We are 10years older ahead
This pretty poor boy
But he can’t be our lover’s weight
Nor can he bear a little

We know his lust to touch his mistress
For all that he desires to be
Maybe just to touch in kind appeal
Of smiling true and fine
But who can tell from what he sees?
Who can see his depth of lust?
So glued to heart of high

Maybe he’ll see a moderate course
Of something nor of bad
But we fear anywhere we go
He’s footsteps can be heard
We fear his mind is open much
To see for what is pure
To see for what is secret….
..part02,the final conclusion is next.

Copyright Young Francis

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