Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2019

The sun comes up~by King Julian



The sun comes up

Image may contain: sky, night, twilight and outdoor

The sun comes up
The moon goes down
Life is full of ups and downs
Sometimes sunny
Sometimes cool
Sometimes stormy
Sometimes dew
Sometimes you gain
Sometimes you loose
Such is life
You get the spoon, the fork, the knife
Sometimes you might only get the knife
You might end up with some troublesome wife
Or get a husband who’s far from human
How do you handle such things in life
Before you end up taking your life
Get a plan of action
Don’t just complain
Don’t give excuses
They’re all in vain
Work up a strategy
And not just one
Come up with every plan
under the sun
Focus on what you can
Not what you can’t
Act on it at once
Be like the ant
And when things get rough
And brings you down
Know that life is full of
Ups and downs

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