Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2019

COME AND SEE JESUS ~by Young Francis



(the climax)

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A Catholic priest did bust within
The soul of an angry fool
And preached the story on the podium
The effects of rage is never cool

And nearly burst his rage away
For if all trust in Jesus
They will pour it on his cross

The meek and mild are not by chance
They love and work for what is pure
Through joyous days and sad ones
And happily meet their course
And be as such men today

Since they trust in Jesus
They have poured it on his cross

No love can cure a widow’s tears
For wailing days,weeks and months
But do they know time disappears
And should move on with their pain
To waste such precious time away

If they trust their dead to Jesus
They should bring it to his cross

People scorn and wail at the time
For not smiling right to the end
They beat the breast with haste
Of smiling fast before they die
And lost their precious trust away

If the trust in Jesus
They will pour it on his cross

Time will smile when faith is great
Hardwork is a common joy
We cannot force ourselves today
Of meet the end so just a course
We fear and rash ourselves

But if we trust in Jesus
We will pour it on his cross

Like birds who know not where they go
Will surely be in the love of God
Why can’t us be as trustful men
And see the need to do the just
We can’t rash in every way

To if we trust in Jesus
We will bring it to his cross

A chaos state is not of peace
A wicked king is not of love
A bad soul will drown at sea
A good soul pays in kind reward
And that the rule is God

So if we all trust in Him
We should pour our faults to Him.

Copyright Young Francis.


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