Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2019

You Are a Beautiful Love Poem~by ‎Annie Johnson‎



You Are a Beautiful Love Poem

Image may contain: flower and plant

You are a beautiful love poem
Born in the depths of my soul.
Your eyes speak of summer skies;
Your lips invite me on picnics
In the shady glens of my dreams.
Your breath is fragrant with lilacs
Borne on the mist of summer rain.
Your laughter is like the brooks of childhood
Sparkling in the sunlight of my memory.
Your smile is like hide and seek in the dark
And romps across the meadows of desire
Where you catch me on soft blankets of love
Under the shade of an ancient Oak tree.
Your love entwines my passionate heart
Like ivy climbing over old brick walls
That stays green through the songs of winter
And the swirling snows of timeless love.

Annie Johnson©


  1. An excellent beautiful poem. The flow and detail is remarkable.

  2. Really lovely! 🙂

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