Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 3, 2019

YOUR TIME MATTERS~by Young Francis




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If you finally die
Life will grow wings and fly
Your time matters
To even work extra
Of meeting demands in a lifetime
Use your time while you can
Can be anything though
But it should be worth to light a soul

Run with a constant speed
Sowing the fruitful seed
Don’t look back at your faults
As they will pull you down

Your time matters in everything
Seriousness is a blessing
Like the rising stars at night
Slowly showing their light
Don’t be withdrawn by love
Don’t be weak in its force

Move with a constant speed
And don’t be distracted to see
The daily coin that success holds
To forever brighten your soul

There are very cunning days
Which will smile at your face
But if you have courage
If you bear less rage
You’ll see and move past on
Every obstacle of your soul

Time is not friendly
When it comes to focus and determination
You have to run a reasonable race
To meeting your goals today

Being weak is not a choice
To run so slowly poor and sad
Whatever guilt or lust you bear
There’s always a way to move and fly

If it’s your friends or a lover
Entangling in your weaker self
I suggest you find a way
Of running fast to the end

For life has wings and fly
When you finally die.

Copyright Young Francis.

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