Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 5, 2019

CRAWL~by Saroj K Padhi




Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, ocean, water, beach and outdoor

As I crawl between hell and heaven
in a dark pit on this earth
like a distorted image of the ideal, crestfallen,
not knowing how to distinguish
between the garish glitter and holy light,
with the untimely storms enhancing my fright

and flicker in the encircling gloom
sans the power to attain selfhood
like a lone lost lamp in fear of losing flame
beleaguered by wind’s many a foul game-

hounded by crackle of conflicting voices
tormented by cacophony of distracting opinions
and burdened with the need to take a decision,
I fall back on your image for the right directions;

not knowing when some unseen hands wipe out
the pervading gloom with whispers to burn more
for brighter look, before as phantoms they fade out,
there as a speck of dust I rise, heavenward to soar

without need to look back on image’s uncertainty
or the wealth of long accumulated worldly identity
to be swallowed by the tides of the sea of your love
that engulfs million Moons and Suns with impunity!


p.c. Google


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