Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2019

Satanic Act~by Benedixio Moore Khoti



 Satanic Act

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Like a watchman awaiting the break of dawn

you await her arrival each night

just to ignite up a fight,

You push her into the darkest recesses of her mind

arresting her pride and assaulting her dignity

caning her heart with strokes of depressing words

tormenting the sanity in her

with the sting of your vulgarity

that arouses waves of pain and shame

that steals her peace and integrity


with a deflated heart

She dives into a bed of sorrows

choking on a heavy sob stuck in her throat,

She curls and buries

her head in a blanket of worries

where she dreams of an eternal sleep –

a sleep forever.

Note: it is inhuman to lead fellow Man asunder.
No matter the circumstances let us let love lead.

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