Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 7, 2019

Her little angel~by rldubour



Her little angel

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He ran into his Mommy’s room,
just barely over four.
And saw his Mother lying there
Not moving on the floor.

He cried and tried to wake her up.
“Mommy wake up!” “Wake up Mommy!”
Remembering what he should do
“Mommy…this is Tommy!”

“Hope that you can hear me Mommy,”
“I’ll get some help for you.”
He ran to get the telephone
He knew just what to do!

His parents taught him 9 1 1
for all emergencies
He yelled into the telephone
“Come help my Mommy please!”

The ambulance did not take long
No time they had to spare.
Tommy let them in the front door
So Mom could get their care.

They rushed her to the hospital
and little Tommy too!
They took her to the trauma room
then up to I.C.U.

Unconscious for a solid week
finally in a room.
First time that she could really speak
her face still shown of gloom.

The doctors said they want to meet,
this hero of a son
Bless your son for all his actions
You would have been all done.

With glossy eyes she looked at them
could not hold back the tears.
All those thoughts locked in her mind
went rushing back two years.

You could not have seen my Tommy!
Been gone two years today!
This moment on they all believed
Heaven… is not far away!






  1. Wow, this poem gave me goosebumps. Wanted to smile and cry at the same time, beautiful!

    • I know what you mean!! I feel the same! thank YOU

  2. Beautiful and touching poem. I really liked the twist at the end!

  3. What I love about poetry is that it gives your reader the interpretation he/she needs. As a missionary to children, I love the training, LOVE, and heroism of this little boy. While we cringe at the painful situations children face, God’s loving care in the center of each little life creates a beacon for all to see. Blessings ♥

  4. A beautiful poem. It evoked sadness in me at first and moved to end in a happy tone.

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  6. Ron—miracles do happen! Thank you for this one related to us! 🙂

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