Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 24, 2019

Prom Night~by rldubour



Prom Night

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Your high school days are now behind,
you are a young adult.
And will soon be off to college,
seeking the same result.

But first the most important thing,
and that’s the senior prom.
When she smiles the way she does,
you’re the incendiary bomb!

You can’t believe this beauty queen
is right there by your side.
Arm-n-arm you guide her through,
your face is full with pride.

You’re dressed in tux, she’s dressed in gown,
the school days came to this.
This is a very special night
both hearts are filled with bliss.

You help put on her wrist corsage
tea roses pretty pink.
You had a list of things to do
and barely time to think.


The car all cleaned inside and out,
and made it shine like new.
This is your only senior prom,
you followed all things through.

The big night is finally here
you waited twelve long years.
Tomorrow you will face the world
your hopes and dreams and fears.

The ending of an era and
beginning of a new.
What is waiting in your future?
Would it help if you knew?


  1. Love this! Filled with nostalgia.

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