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Dinosaur Days!~by rldubour



Dinosaur Days! by rl dubour

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Please look at first line on notes before reading

When I was very young I can remember my father would take me hunting with him. Poor Ma she would be a nervous wreck by the time we got back. My dad even made me this neat club he told me it would help in keeping the Dinosaurs away! Of, course it did, this big monster is going to say to itself can’t go near him he has a club! I learned how to hit rocks with it across the water that was over on the other side of the hill. Heck, those big things come after me I’m giving my club to him and run like crazy! The best time we had together was when I made this really cool slingshot thing and it really worked too! This huge something or another came flying at us and I stood right there and hit him in the eye. I must have really got him mad because it started screaming at me and then it ran right into a tree head first. Made me laugh a little as it just came rolling down the hill. Dad was sure proud of me that day and told everyone in the village how brave I was.

I had a lot of chores to do even before breakfast and I had better do them. First thing was collecting enough apples for breakfast, I felt really important doing that could not let everyone go hungry. By the time I collected enough for the day my mother called us in for breakfast. That was fun we got to share our dreams from that night while we all ate. Except some mornings we had to hide this big thing would come and always make a loud noise we knew we had to hide. It would come in and eat all our breakfast. That did not hurt my feelings usually just got scared and besides I did not really like apples stuffed inside the fish dad caught the previous day. You know we had to eat everything raw what they call fire was not even invented yet!

I guess I am supposed to be talking about how we lived and not be so silly. My dad says I will never be serious enough to be a noise sender. A noise sender is someone who sends warning by beating his club on the big round thing that makes a lot of noise and other caveman can hear it clear from the other side. Mom says she don’t want me being one cause they get ate a lot!  Everyone here teaches us about many things, especially what monsters eat us, and some of them just go right by us too! Mom and Dad teach us what we can eat and stay healthy, that is important cause we need to be able to run fast and climb things.

Dad is teaching me how to hunt and with only a club and big stones. I learned we have to hunt only the fat ones that can not run fast. Mom says that is good because they have a high ratio of protein to fat in their flesh, what ever that means! We ate the whole animal too; well actually we ate as much as we could of the ones we caught. Dad said we had to eat what they called bone marrow, tongue, eyeballs and most of its organs because they are higher in fat than muscle is.

Mom was always talking about the big ball in the sky that only was there when we had to stay in the cave because no one could see good and very bad monsters would be out there more than the time we could see. I heard someone called it a moon, but I am not sure. Anyway she was very smart and would make mark lines in the sand and I learned how to count. I also learned when those things that grew we could eat that were good tasting. Mom called them fruits and makes lines saying only four more moons and we can eat berries again, that was always a fun time. I would eat more than I picked and always got yelled at for that too.


Mom was really good at picking out other foods for us to eat so we would not run out of energy and have plenty of protein. She made us collect these round things that she called eggs and other things like nuts. We were really lucky because Mom said some who live in other places don’t have all the things we did. We also had yams they grew in the dirt and we would have to dig them up. We had plenty of fish since we lived near water, and the bravest would get honey from those nasty things that would needle you all over your body. I hated them they always hurt, Dad called them bees.

I guess that is about what we did in those days was always either exciting or really scary. As time goes on I guess we will learn many more things. Maybe, all these monsters will go away and we can have time to all be together. Now the only time is when we wake up from sleep. During the day we are always looking for food and we have to watch for anything and everything that might eat us! I have to add one important thing before I go.

The Dinosaurs have been long gone from the time I lived. In fact perhaps as long as 100 to 200 million years now. When they roamed this land they called it the Jurassic Period. I am really glad they are not here now! Also I have been long gone too, but I had to come back to tell everyone how it was when I was just a little boy. I had some real fun and enjoyed telling everyone and thanks to Shelly Kaye who challenged me to talk about how I lived as a cave person. She asked for some dialogue but then we did not know many words. Just in case anyone wants to know more about the time I lived, I left some notes.

In closing it reminded me of something funny that someone did when I got up here. They were cutting up paper and spreading it all around everywhere. I asked him why he was doing that and he said, “To keep the dinosaurs away!” I said, “There are no dinosaurs here!” He smiled at me and said, “Works pretty good don’t it!”

Author Notes Notes* The grammar is off as a young child is speaking-thanks  Cro-Magnons lived from about 40,000 to 10,000 years ago in the Upper Paleolithic period of the Pleistocene epoch. For all intents and purposes these people were anatomically modern, only differing from their modern day descendants in Europe by their slightly more robust physiology and brains larger capacity than that of modern humans. When they arrived in Europe about 40,000 years ago, they brought with them sculpture, engraving, painting, body ornamentation, music and the painstaking decoration of utilitarian objects. They had a diet of meat, grain, wild carrots, beets, onion, turnip and many, many more. All together they had a very balanced diet.

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