Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 7, 2019

“Modern love”~by Chandan Bhattacharya



“Modern love” ——

Chandan Bhattacharya.

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… The girl is awoken at night.
Now she does not sleep.
The smartphones have been on.
But the signal of the boyfriend
is not green yet.
The girl feels very sad
She is bothered at one time.
He has betrayed her.
Did he forget about the hug,
kiss, and reconciliation
of the two people
in the candle light party
in a secluded room
in the city of Paris.
Or was it supposed to
enjoy the body
in the name of love?
So, what will happen now ?
Not one day.
Many times
the response of the
participant has
been answered.
There was also a meeting
between them.
They both got burnt.
She asked,
“Dear, how are you?”
“He said that he is not good.
Because he has been
transferred to Bulgaria.
Do not be able to return
to Rome in two years.
She said,” What will happen
to me and my child in my belly?
“And said,” It is nothing
in modern society.
Think it’s a different game.
Just playing.
I’ll transfer
one thousand dollars
into your account number.
You have to go to a good clinic
and do abortion. ”
It will take some days
but she was crying.
And said,
“I cried like millions.
Women are being
deceived today.
Increasingly abortion
in the western countries.
Did the great leaders
of the world
think of helpless
Girls like us? “

All rights are reserved for Chandan Bhattacharya. Dhadika, India

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