Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 12, 2019

” FIELDS OF GHOSTS “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” FIELDS OF GHOSTS ” by martin gedge

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My life forever changing as I wrestle with my years
I walk on pins and needles to take grip of all my fears
the path that I have chosen has been a long and winding road
my shoulders weigh so heavy as I burden with this load
I know my heart is dying and my eyes are blind to seek
my bones are torn to tatters and my voice can hardly speak
these hands once built an army are just falling by my side
and everything that comes within is rumbling deep inside
I don’t know days til Sunday and my mind just draws a blank
my energy is lacking and my souls an empty tank
I find myself a wonder in this space of I don’t know
the names of all my friends I’ve had just vanished in the glow
I’m helpless in the retrospect to see the light of day
my body feels like giving up my world is in decay
I’ve come to feel the warmth of light to relish the unknown
and looked around onto my past and watched it turn to stone
a face into a photograph a memory built in time
a smile and a chance to laugh a thought way past my prime
the journey worth of tears and joys a lessen in the pain
a look onto a brilliant sun to shelter from the rain
I know the end is drawing near and my time is cutting close
I see a different picture now in waiting fields of ghosts
forget me not for I will walk into the grace of god
to stand upon our heavens lawn with fresh and greener sod…

by martin gedge©


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