Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 16, 2019

“FISTS OF FURY”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “FISTS OF FURY” by martin gedge

Image may contain: fire and night

Up to challenge of thy chamber steel of crown and ball of anchor

here that lies the pulse of danger

you do not hesitate

for fist of fury wild as fire strength and will that burns desire

a fuse as fit to trip the wire

with everything at stake

for madness minds of sordid kinds where do the demons draw the lines

tied up in knots a million times

the signs are crystal clear

for pain you bring into the ring to give your heart of everything

around your head as birdies sing

there nothing left to fear

so blow by blow and toe to toe a circle dancing do si do

exchanging tallies to and fro

you go in for the kill

and like the fly as passers by you cross the lip to dot the eye

from gut to chin and multiply

one fool is standing still

and to each round your hear the sound to buckle up and batten down

and wipe the smile right from the clown

to show your shine and clout

don’t wait to spend the count to ten two hammer fives and back again

just keep on fighting to the end

til you knock this sucker out!!

by martin gedge ©

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