Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 17, 2019

Educating~by rldubour




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With crime and violence on our streets
and daily escalating.
Not taking much to figure out
they need educating.

Some are too far gone to help
their destiny is paved.
The rest could use some education,
for them to be all saved.

Not just the learning from our schools
But, discipline and some rules.
Their values and respect are gone
they take us as all fools.

No- one is above the law
no exception can be made.
What we need is a solution
not like putting on a band aide.

The learning process starts at home
we can be sure of this.
They are not taught what’s wrong or right
and other things they miss.

To be taught of all emotions
instil them in their mind.
This is what they’re missing
Is what everybody finds.

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