Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 18, 2019

The hunt!~by rldubour



The hunt!

Image result for dubour easter egg hunt

When our children were all small
and there was quite a bunch.
Easter was approaching fast as my wife said,
“Why don’t we have a hunt?”

This was a great idea she had
to give the kids a day of fun
And this is how it started our first
egg hunt for everyone!

We sat and planned what to do
and this is what we did.
We made up special invitations which
were mailed to every kid.

We needed lots of room for this, so
my parents’ farm it is.
Since they will be all together
we should make a day of this.

This simple little egg hunt
was now a big event.
The turn-out was fantastic, about
one hundred ten percent.

They were split up into three groups
because of different ages.
As we organized this all was
done in separate stages.

Great prizes for the winners
and blue ribbons for the rest.
Everyone that afternoon will tell you
it was their very best!

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