Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 21, 2019

 Life~by Benedixio Moore Khoti



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Life is
but a blur of foggy mirage
swinging like a pendulum
from age to age,it comes a blessing
kissing one till death do them part.
It is a bittersweet song
that flies on the wings of dawn
as it breaks
and falls with the sun as it rests,
Life is hope
always tangible to the hearts that beat.

Life is
but a moment, a phase of a maze,
A verse in a complex labyrinth
acting like teeth
that accentuates smiles celebrating joy
Or announcing ones anguish in bruxism of a gnash.

Life is
but a dream or so it seems
Aptly dappling through the drapery of folds
draped on men’s myopic lenses
that glaze zillion sands of time
dreaming to fetch gasps of a trace
and unwoven the sophisticated labyrinth
Of mans genesis
that lays encapsulated in an aura of mysteries
that evoke sporadic whimsical disputations
which ignite discordant brawls
atwixt minds brimful with wisdom
and the impish that drown in contagious imbecility
both rambling endlessly
like a recital of sempiternal siloloquay.

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  1. ❤❤❤

  2. Many thanks for this great a gesture Ron

  3. well done boss

    • My humble appreciations

  4. Life is definitely like a pendulum as it swings from one spectum to one’s in perpetual motion..therefore time will not lt stand still in the middle
    .it is most difficult in every day life to perfect equilibrium..when the pendulum is still it will.signify mortality..therefore we can only do our best as humans to have tools to modify our behavior in times of stress etc..fantastic poem.with the perfect metaphor..thank you it was a pleasure to read

    • My humble appreciations

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