Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 22, 2019

Daily missive for Monday the 22nd of July~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 22nd of July

The door is open
But only the tiniest of cracks
Through which 
The outside world
Can be glimpsed
As an honest smile
On the face of the sun
A soft green meadow
As mellow as a Sunday
In summer
Or the grimace
Of a sad clown
Squirting crocodile tears
As the greasepaint runs
And he becomes a monster
Of infinite disguise
They are equal possibilities
Both exist
One alongside the other
Until the moment
Of difference
When a door is closed
Or flung wide
A step in
A step out
A change in circumstance
The madness of hesitation
Nothing is written
Unless it is hidden
Within the small print
Nothing is decided
Until time is come
And is then gone
Make a mark
Before the ink runs dry
Take a breath
Beneath the vast blue sky
Wait as the world
Opens up before you
And then
With purposeful intent
Step through.

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