Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 22, 2019

Family power!~by rldubour



Family power!

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What is more beautiful than the  strength of family power? I can not think of any thing that it can’t devour.

I know I am so fortunate  no other would I choose. To have a family like I have  would never want to lose.

The closeness that we have in life outsiders just don’t know.  Bonds of life that we all share seems to just grow and grow.

Mom and Dad now up in Heaven  they surely taught us right. That all us boys stay together and keep the family tight.

One lesson that we all were taught was always show you care. All one has to do is call, we all would soon be there.

Every single one of us taught our own in turn. Our morals and our values  passed on to the them to learn.

The number in our family  Is big as you can perceive. And every single one of us was taught what to believe.

From happiness to full of tears  our care and strength does grow. Life or death, our family sharing love… shows.

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