Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 22, 2019

Woman in you I cry ~by Nutan Sarawagi



Woman in you I cry 

For he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing
Whose life is to cry
to don sheep’s clothing
A creep made to lie

Lol …what was his purpose, I do not know
to degrade woman, was it so?
That he’s a man he observes us as only a man can so
In it to stare to strip us bare
in eyes that lust waiting to ensnare
to strap us waiting in him to tare

‘’I am a man in sheep’s clothing’s you better beware ‘’
The red riding hood eaten in his frolic, his fun to fare

To follow his dictum
To cut into our life
A life that was made for them
to live and thrive
To intrude into our private spaces
to pry

A life that was made for them
to spy ,
restrict our entry never let us fly
Trapped in cages in roles to fit us
As a daughter or a wife
Cut us out
clip us in our wings
branded as their lives to live and die

We don’t want to live this life
where you decide what’s best for our life
Your rules to follow set to your pace
to play to the tune of your life
Stifled by you never breaking its rules
Who gave you the right?

Are you the police to rifle us in your shots
The judge who stands upright
To disgrace you as he looks you down,
With his big , all knowing sneering eyes
Searching you as he goes
“So why you did you give in without giving him a fight? ‘’
Pronouncing his dictum denouncing your life

First go .. get a life
Don’t you in your crassness us rile
In your callousness fill our life
With your ‘just ‘ lies !

Badmouthing in your words, your own life to write
‘’I am a failed poet, let me in you release my strife ‘’
Give me a fresh lease to unleash my life
In you to strive to write my life
“I am a man I intrude it’s my birthright ‘’
See if you can touch me, I pronounce you dead
For YOU gave me life, now ‘ I ‘ take away your life
Don’t protest, go get another life
For now that you have made my life
it’s high time I make your life
To sneer and smear your life
In the blood you gave me
To drain your life from the time you brought me alive ‘’

In your breath to share, to breathe into his life
your last breath of life
To pronounce you dead even before he can learn to walk and rise
For he’s a man
In you lives his right to life

Loving him as you gave him
Every part of your life
to keep and belong
In it leaving
Every part of its life
In its safe custody to keep your chastity chained to his life
Broken as you lie in wings clipped trying to fly
Trapped in a life you wish you’d rather die
Making you wonder is that why you built his life
From tears cascading, built on the fears of your own life
To save it in your eyes
As they fall crying asking you
Where is my life
no more to find
In questions that don’t answer
defy your life
In his cryptic reply to deny your life ,
‘’Did you ever have one
It was ‘you ‘who brought me up
Now ‘I buy ‘ your life
Don’t you dare own me
Don’t you be my life
I am but your life
To never let you to live
However hard you try
to shake me off your life
I was born to be your life
So what if you gave me birth
In you to unearth your life
In you to kill
What little is left of your belittled life ‘’

To stamp it as my own
In me as you lie sealed
In a fashion that was made
In your passion to ride
All your fun in me deride
Stamp me out as I stomp out off your life
No more to be your putty, stumped out of my life

In the breath you gave me to breathe out your life
As you die gasping for your last breath
In that very breath to say
‘’Life don’t kill me
I take my own life ‘’

Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi 2019

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