Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 24, 2019

Daily missive for Wednesday the 24th of July.~ Double-decker joyride.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 24th of July.
Double-decker joyride.

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On the journey into Sunderland
When I thought
It was home to the Queen
Before the Beatles
When traffic was a horse
With a thrown shoe
A bus every half hour
Except on Sunday
Football a religion
Before real tragedy
Proved it was not
I would sit on the top deck
Having jumped on
The open platform
Negotiating the winding stair
More of a helter than a skelter
To sit at the front
Above the driver
Looking down
At what he saw
As he turned the wheel
It took heft
There was no power steering
Or clever automatic gearing
The roads were winding
It was all we knew
Just enough room to squeeze two
Big red Buses if they came by
In opposite directions
If they mounted the verge
They always had ‘Shop at Binns’
Written in big letters
Along the side
We would wave
Until the conductor
Told us to behave
Cars were the province of doctors
And insurance salesman
My Dad’s first one came
In 1960
An Austin A35
In Peagreen LBR948
Now I struggle to remember
Any number plate
But it was a step up
And we were mobile
Blackpool was only a day away
Over the hills
And through the ‘Lake District’
Every journey a mystery
So much part
Of my history
Even now
As I recline
Above an endless sea
Dusting off the face
Of a moral compass
Reflecting on the ethics
Of business class
Or the role of
Fossil fueled planes
In the explosion
Of greenhouse gas
As for good or ill
They brought me
And my baggage
All the way
From Murton
County Durham
The land of the Prince Bishops
The number 21
Routemaster of my youth
Via London and Melbourne
A few desperate scrapes
And Jolly English japes
To the slow-paced
Of Manly
A sleepy suburb
Of sunny Brisbane.

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