Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 28, 2019

Daily missive for Friday the 26th of July~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 26th of July

Clouds gather along the far edge
Of the bay
Rolling and tumbling slowly
Ancient gods
At war with one another
A stampede of wild stallions
A legion of ancient warriors
Powdered white dust
Kicked up by unshod hooves
Billowing over distant hills
Marking the rim of the known world
So easily mistaken
As magical
The heat of the sun
Lightness of touch
A salt crust breeze
Drifting in from the sea
There is mystery in believing
All and nothing
Is possible without
The allowance of imagination
A position may remain
But an outlook
Can turn about itself
Between one unbound thought
And the next
Let go the tethering string
The spirit will soar
Lifted on high
Until glacial bergs
Become a snowy tundra
A mist-filled valley
A veil of infinite dreaming
Loosely draped
About my shoulders
As I sit in wonder
At the splendour
In the moment of this
Mindful flight
It feels so right
Even as its magic
Slips away in afterthought

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