Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 28, 2019





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When did being humane mark me insane?
When did caring become a criminal offence?
When did all this blame, all this ‘name and shame’
become our only defence?

When did ‘thou shalt not’ become ‘thou must’
and why has justice become unjust?
Those that we trusted have forfeited trust
when the justice you receive depends on your skin
or gender or origin or the gods of your kin.

Preachers are preaching their monetary rates
for instant admission through God’s pearly gates,
and Jesus is used as a sales-pitch reward
for the largest donations to add to their hoard.

Those of us without power watch people lose their land,
They’re imprisoned or killed as voiceless we stand
and hear the cries from the cages blaming us
cries which will echo through the ages, shaming us

All this unjust rapine and lust for one more penny
and the mute acceptance of the voiceless many
has me on my knees bitterly crying,
and the Earth is dying, She is dying!

© Susan E Birch July 2019

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