Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2019

Sunday morning~by rldubour



Sunday morning

His Sunday morning wake up call.

Image result for His Sunday morning good bye letter sad

Lord it’s Sunday morning and I

see the note that she wrote.

I start to read just what it says,

I feel a lump in my throat.


As I continued reading her words

I could not believe.

She was not happy with her life

she felt she had to leave.


I read between the lines she wrote

and could not understand.

I did not know she felt this way,

thought every thing was grand.


I took a piece of paper

and wrote all my faults to check

As I poured another coffee and lit a cigarette.

When I was done I read them back

and realized why she left.


I was selfish and self centered

her needs I just was deft.

The more I wrote the worse I looked

and truth does not deceive.


I read my notes a hundred times

the pain I must have weaved.

I know that she does love me

with  all her heart and her soul.

I never told her how I felt together we are whole.


It’s time I changed my ways of life

appreciate what I have.

If I don’t I will always feel,

alone I’m only halve.

I thank you Lord for helping me

in seeing I was wrong.

I will learn to face all my mistakes

and make our marriage strong.

I could not bear to lose my wife

she gives her life to me

I’ll bring her home and make things right

she’s my priority.

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