Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2019

THOSE WORDS~by Nalini Starr




Those words unspoken
left her heartbtoken
like a dagger to her heart
those words tore her apart
they were not said
but the actions were well read
you couldn’t have been more clear
by those words she did not hear
that unspoken goodbye,a never why
made her want to die
those words screamed at her when you left
words she will never forget
those words still ringing in her ears
unspoken,but still bring tears
maybe if she could have heard
them loud and clear
then she would know why
you are no longer here
but you left without saying goodbye
and she is still wondering why
those words were never said
those words still in her head.
NALINI STARR –2016-07-29.

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