Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 1, 2019

Was wondering~by rldubour



Was wondering

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While I was resting, I wondered
how much I really miss.
And do I take things for granted
even a little kiss?

If I were to draw my picture
I wonder what I’d etch?
I have been in situations,
decisions life or death.

I have always showed compassion
at work, at home, at play
As I sit back and all alone
was I fair in every way?

There were times when fast reactions
decisions to be made.
I wondered all the things I did
why I’m not in a grave.

I look back at circumstance
gave everyone my all.
My family always did come first
was there if they should call.

Our time in life just rushes by,
why does it go so fast?
I think about all those great times,
I wish they’d always last.

When we were kids all living home
much love in everyone.
Competition between the boys
was always so much fun.


As we grew we all took a wife
always did what was right.
The closeness that we always had
not one moment we lost sight.


Your family that you are leaving
we wanted you to know.
The rest of us will watch them close,
be happy where you go.

From Navy Seals to Green Berets
we all stood side by side
What troubled one, troubled us all
time has come to say good bye.


  1. Nice write….Sage

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