Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 8, 2019

Daily missive for Thursday the 8th of August.~by Peter Forster

The bald eagle has landed. I have just arrived at a rather airy warehouse conversion in Clerkenwell…London beckons…


Daily missive for Thursday the 8th of August.

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Bring me a kiss
Tender as the soft glow
At first light
It will grow into
A full blush morning
Riding across the heavens
Setting every newborn cloud on fire
The burning touch
Of hot love
Bleaching away the last remains
Of yesterday
In a race to proclaim
The truth of summer
As the heat of pleasure
Comes calling
There is a purity
In the spirit
Of a day
Being more than its own arbiter
Of value
When each kiss
Carried on the wind
Is as fresh
As the first one
Ever was
The promise of heaven
Floats lightly in the air
More love than wonder
A thunder
Full of mystery
Pouring itself out
Flooding the sky
A rainbowed bridge
Reaching out from
A freshly lit beacon
A guiding light
A fiery path
The comfort of presence
To melt away shadows
And lead the way
Until the mystery
Of sunset

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