Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 8, 2019

The Crossroad~by rldubour



The Crossroad

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The journey of live on her long bumpy road

As you come to the crossroad, which way to you go?

Do I turn right? Do I turn left?

Which road to go? Which is the best?


Decisions I make as I face the unknown

Might haunt me forever and leave me alone

This is my fear to have no one there.

No one beside me to show me they care.


I will go forth in life until my road ends

I pray right beside me will be my very best friend.

To confront the unknown I will open the door

To see what’s behind it as I have done before.


You could be surprised in what you might find

As this does hold true for all of mankind.

The road of the future, what will it be?

Just one fleeing glimpse I wish I could see.


The moment of truth will come to us all

That moment in time when the Lord calls.

Will I be ready? Will I be prepared?

Will I leave knowing that someone did care?

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