Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 11, 2019

Generator~by rldubour




Image result for kids have a built in generator cartoon


I think I know the answer, why kids

Don’t settle down.

They have a built in generator that keeps

Them running around.

They never run out of energy as they race

Upon their day.

It just has to be a generator that keeps them

All this way.

Here and there and everywhere always on

The run.

Always into mischief

Always having fun.

Then a thought occurs to me this question

I do ask.

Why is it as we grow old we all

Run our of gas.

If we could save this energy, we had

When we were young.

Can you imagine how it would be? The

Adults are having fun!

We could go all day

We could go all night.

And never run our of energy

This seems only right.

Better yet, when we slow down

Just take a magic pill

To restart that generator and help

Us up that hill.

We could do away with Hospitals

And call them body shops.

Just say my generator is slowing down.

Fix it before it stops!

There would be no more illness, no

More aches and pain.

We would have our yearly tune up

And have our fluids grained.

Then we would be good as new

To face another day.

We could do whatever!

What else is there to say!!

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