Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 20, 2019

WHITE DRESS~by Nalini Starr




She wore a white dress
On her wedding day
And the gossip mongers
Had a lot to say
How can she wear white
They would whisper
She is not a virgin any longer
Her dress is not so tight and sexy
As it should be
Is she ashamed
To show off her body
Maybe there’s a reason
She has a bun in the oven
And they would wonder
If the guy she is marrying
If he is the father
She shouldn’t be wearing white
But red instead
So all will know
She bled on the bed
And the guy she chose to marry
Was he the one
They said she slept with every
Tom, Dick and Harry
She has brought disgrace
To the family
But she held her head up
In her white dress she stood tall
Not caring what anyone said at all
And the man by her side
Chose to marry her
He didn’t care if she slept with any other
His wife he wanted her to be
They loved each other
And was ready to start their family.

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