Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 25, 2019





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She craves attention in a crowd
Wherever she goes
And she is so loud
She makes sure everyone knows
She makes sure she is seen
And she is funny
She is a drama queen
Flirting with everybody
She swears a lot for all to hear
She has a dirty mouth
But she doesn’t care
She tries to make her point clear
She turns heads wherever she goes
Wearing outrageous clothes
She speaks her mind
She lets it all out
There is no filter
For her mouth
Who doesn’t like her
She doesn’t give a damn
She answers to no man
She likes to be the center of attention
It has to always be about her
She loves nothing better
She can be flirtatious and also a tease
She is the star attraction in a party
And others looks at her with jealousy
She does whatever she damn well please
Someone once asked her
Why is she like this
And the only answer
“That’s not your business ”
Don’t pry or question her
Don’t you dare do
She might answer by saying
“Fuck you too”
She is an attention seeker
She makes that clear
She wants to be noticed
From folks far and near
It makes her feel good inside,I suppose
She needs the attention
Wherever she goes
Maybe it’s a cover up or a mask
But don’t you dare ask
But she is a nice person
And very sweet
And you’ll see the reason
If you should meet
By her attitude do not judge her
Until you know her better
Call her names,a bitch or whatever
She doesn’t care whichever.
She has an image to uphold
But deep down
She’s a lost soul


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