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 EMOTIONS.~by rldubour




EMOTIONS:  Love by rl dubour Our emotions are what motivate and dictate our every moment.

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There are thousands of words
in describing our emotions.
So I will be selective to describe those,
which I have a notion.

First and foremost in my mind, is the
one that we call love.
This one is most difficult as I look for
answers from above.

A strong affection for another, arising from
personal ties.
Burning desire from inside, when you look
into their eyes.

Affection and tenderness based
on admiration.
Unselfish loyal acts of devotion meeting your

There is love all around you, in every thing
you see.
Let the love surround you that’s how it
should be.

Don’t hide this emotion, don’t be afraid
to show love.
Your life will be brighter, use this gift
from above.




Thankful, for what we are about to receive, we are
Expressive of thanks and well pleased,
for our life we live.

Gratified, grateful for every second of life
that I breathe.
Thankfulness, for all life’s treasures
installed in me.

Thankful, for my life partner by my
Grateful, I can go forth in life with

Thankful, for my vision to see all of
life’s beautiful things.
Grateful, to hear each wonderful sounds,
that every day brings.

Appreciative, to have a family that’s
loving and kind.
Thankful, at this stage in my life I
find peace of mind.

Grateful, that I can express all my thoughts
with pen.
Taking nothing for granted, I thank God once


Envy, not to be confused with greed.


Envy, painful for resentful awareness,
not very good I see.
Why should one be envious when they
have everything they need?

Not referring to material things, it’s our
emotions I’m looking at.
If you have your health and happiness
put the envy way out back.

Don’t judge the book before you look.
this is how to be.
This word that we call envy could
be confused with greed.

If you are envious of someone please
take my advice.
Read between the lines, your life
is twice as nice.

What good is all that wealth, if there
is no happiness.
The fancy cars and great big home, he is
filled with bitterness.

As you read into this book you really
are surprised.
He is the one that’s envious as he watches you
pass him by.

Don’t let envy cloud your mind, you have
better things to do.
Remember, every man and woman put their
pants on just like you!


A chemical, physical, emotional factor


Stress can really torment one, make them think
they are insane.
When unforeseen circumstances they make
themselves the blame.

A chemical, physical, emotional factor that
feeds upon the brain.
Causing mental devastation and they will
never be the same.

Stress can come on suddenly as does
a bad event.
The mountain was the mole hill, not
what it was meant.

I can not tell you what to do when stress
is at your door.
Can only tell you what I do, I’ll explain
and nothing more.

I do not think about the things that
have not happened yet.
Life is too short and precious to live
with worry and fret.

When I have a problem and I
think I’ve had enough.
There is nothing I can’t solve when I
decide to get real tough.

Every single person will feel some
type of stress.
Stay calm don’t get excited, always
do your best.

I know it’s easier said then done, but I can
see it through
It’s how I handle situations in the manner
that I choose.

Don’t let a leaky faucet turn into
Niagara Falls.
Remember stress is just a word, it’s you

that make the calls.

My most feared of them all

EMOTIONS Loneliness,

oneliness, being lonely appears the
quality of state.
Now I must confess being alone
would make my heart brake.

I pray that when our time comes that
God will take me first.
If I was left alone in life my heart
could not take the hurt.

Lonesome is the result of sadness,
being all alone.
In state of death the loneliness,
grief is clearly shown.

Words like lonelier, solitary, and desolate
sound like words from hell.
Unhappiness is drowning me as the
sadness starts to swell.

Emotions like these two, in my mind
they are the worst.
Ladies, don’t let me fool you inside I
would really hurt.

Loneliness and sadness can
quickly be unkind.
I know I must keep moving I can not
let them in my mind.

I will write a new agenda this will
help me keep them out.
I will change the way I do things,
banned them from my house.

Idle minds are the devils workshop
this is what they say.
I will change my habits and routine and keep
busy every day.

Find a friend to talk too, so we can
spend some time.
Do anything we want to do, let the tension
just unwind.

I will free my mind, no room for
loneliness in here
One last thing I have to do is
throw out all this beer!


Optimism and Pessimistic


They say opposites attract, this is
very true.
A positive and negative, one is of
the two!

I am the optimist, finding good from
something bad.
She is the pessimist, finding worse and then
gets mad.

We all know the story, of the water
Half full or half empty that question has been

To the pessimist it’s empty as they have
said before.
The optimist will get the scotch and fill it up
some more!

She is very negative, will find the worst
in situations.
I being the optimist, sit there planning
a vacation.

When something is not going right she sits
and makes a fuss.
I have a couple of names I call her, naysayer
or gloomy Gus.

Me I have the good names like romantic
and realist.
I love being the good one, being
an optimist.

Either way no one can stop, the
events about to come.
The pessimist will sit and ponder while
the optimist have fun.


Affection, Kindness

Emotions, Page 7 of 9

This word to describe an emotion, I love
the sound of it.
The best part of love and devotion it’s called

Affection comes from the heart, warm,
loving, tender and kind.
Tender attachment is fondness, just her image will
play with your mind.

Kind goes well with affection along with caring,
gentle and nice.
All of this is a reflection of how your
soul views your life.

Affection starts in the newborn, from the moment
he is laid on mom’s chest.
We learn this emotion from family, along
with all of the rest.

The emotions we feel growing up, all will
come into play.
If affection was lacking at home trouble is
heading your way.

It is never too late to show feelings, you might find
this venture quite nice.
An affectionate hug, a tenderly kiss and kindness
is well worth the price.

Affection is found all around us, we
do not have exclusive to this.
All natures creatures have feelings,
affection inside them exits.

Let’s touch a few bases on kindness, not
enough shown in our life.
Start with one act of kindness, you might
want to start with your wife.

Make this a daily commitment you will
feel much better within.
One act of kindness is priceless as you make
someone happy right then!


Grief and Sorrow

Emotions, page 8 of 9

Grief, the emotion that brings us great sadness
one I never will seek.
Especially from the death of a loved one I pray
they are finally at peace.

The sorrow I feel is intense, the anguish, the pain
the heartache immense.
Feeling helpless when I have no control to change
this current event.

Grief has brought me much sorrow in mourning a
loved one who passed.
Although I will suffer much sadness my love will
eternally last.

My faith tells me God brought you home, He
has better plans for you.
I am forced to carry this burden, while
praying I make it through.

I am troubled by loss and misfortune, the pain is
becoming too real.
I regret not saying more often, exactly
how you made me feel.

I promise I won’t drown my sorrows to forget my
life here with you.
You will be in all my tomorrows until the day when
we become two.

I will climb that stairway to heaven, while you wait on
that golden street.
Once again my arms will embrace you and feel the joy
of your kisses so sweet.


Emotions, page 9 of 9

My goal here was to make one think about
this life we live.
Of all of these emotions that GOD
saw fit to give.

I hope I chose the right emotions that I
posted here..
The first ones that came to mind, the ones I
hold most dear.

I must make one thing clear, to every one
who reads.
That all my words I place on paper are what I

This summary of emotions is what I alone
Only my opinions here in what I do

I started this with LOVE there should
be more of this.
Then added some AFFECTION, did any
one make a wish?

The two that mean the most to me while I
live my life.
Briefly mentioned tenderness and devotion
to your wife.

Then I went to THANKFUL, at this I am
That so many take for granted every single

Maybe we should re-write the book on
Thanksgiving Day?
Instead of once a year, let us have it


both found in day two.
Both relatives of thankful, the
choice is up to you.

Day three I entered ENVY, how this emotion
clouds the mind.
This can bring resentful feelings if you decide
to give it time.

STRESS was posted on day four, don’t want this
one at your door.
When this one strikes it is never nice the
hardest to endure.

posted on day five.
Emotions that come straight from grief when
someone close has died.

Day seven is the OPTIMIST and PESSIMIST, which
one were you today?
Did you find something good or bad, in what your
spouse just had to say?

The eighth day I wrote of GRIEF and SORROW,
could not leave them out.
These two emotions that are so real, everyone
will feel no doubt.

Today, I write this summary of
what we all went through.
I Thank YOU all for listening, to my
thoughts I shared with you.

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