Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 31, 2019

Mystical Creatures~by rldubour



Mystical Creatures

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A magical place

In a far away land.

Roamed the unknown

To all mortal man.


The sky with her lightning

The waves swirled their boat.

As fear grew inside them

Would they stay afloat.


Few did survive

The thunderous crash

The nature furry

Has brought down her wrath.


Awoke on an island

Not knowing where

The sounds that they heard

These brave men were scared.


They moved into the forest

Among all the trees.

Fear now subsiding

They felt more at ease.


The sunlight was fading

Bringing the night.

The trees seemed to cry

Something is not right.


The Treemen were lurking

Surrounding these men.

Ever closer they came

Each had a grin.


To capture the humans

Was in their thoughts.

To hunt all intruders

They were all taught.





In the fairies community

The Treeman were braced.

The order was given

For the humans to take.


One did escape

And ran for the beach.

Of these mystical creatures

Was able to teach.


Back in his homeland

He did survive

And told of the Treemen

When they came alive!

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