Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 1, 2019

Fate brought them together~by Nalini Starr



Fate brought them together

Fate brought them together
but love tore them apart
she fell in love with him
but he didn’t want feelings to start
but somewhere down the line
he fell in love too
and he thought going away
was the best thing to do
they found right love at the wrong time
and they both had to get each other
out of their minds
They had to let each other go
Even though love did grow
But together they couldn’t be
Because she was not free
But she was willing to take a chance
And start a romance
Not caring about the consequence
But he couldn’t let her do so
So he decided to go
It was the right thing to do
And she knew this was true
If only they had met each other sooner
They would be together.

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