Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 15, 2019

Our shining star~by rldubour

written for Kathleen Parsons:


Our shining star

Image result for honor guard for lost soldiers in Koreans was


Her grandson being an Honor Guard

For our military men lost in the Korean War.

This honor he took seriously

To give to his country and much more.


He serves our country with love and pride

In the United States Air Force eyes open wide.

Been fourteen years since he took the oath

A silent hero one can not deny.


His mom is Dorothy, father Mike

May twenty-eight dad passed away.

After a very short illness

Placed in his grave.


He met his wife Danielle Dunn

While stationed in South Dakota.

First daughter Savannah was born there

Did not change his outlook one iota.


Second child Kylee born while in Alaska

His family slowly growing

Then off to New Jersey son Grayson born

And Sean eyes were surely glowing.


Rebekah his oldest sister and KD the younger.

KD named after her grandma

A family full of love and pride

All love each other one can not deny.


Sean served four tours overseas

and received the Army combat medal.

Protecting his column he was leading

Not once did he hit the brake pedal.


It’s rare an Air Force Sargent

Leading an Army column

Was the type not to brag

To this day is very solumn.


Now stationed in Hawaii

His unit he so enjoys

This write is dedicated to

Sgt, Sean Michael Mulloy

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