Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 16, 2019





Image may contain: people sitting

This old rocking chair
Has been sitting here for years
It has been showered
With happy and sad tears
This rocking chair
So battered and torn
Has rocked many babies
Since they were born
It soothed their cries
And rocked them to sleep
This old chair
Is for keeps
A comfortable seat
Rocking weary bones to sleep
It’s very very old
This favorite chair
Generations of kids
Were rocked there
A throne for some
To rest when the day is done
This chair was passed down
From generations to generations
And it’s still going strong
If it can talk
It will have many a tale to tell
I’m sure it remembers very well
Sad stories and happy ones
And memories
It will talk of these
On the porch it will stay
To give rest to anyone
Who passes that way
It seems to have a life of its own
This old rocking chair
Sitting there all alone..


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