Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 27, 2019

Who would have thought~by King Julian



Who would have thought

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Who would have thought
Who would have known
The love we shared…to say it short
Will one day simply be unknown

Ours was a love like no other
With care and respect for each other
With you in my life, life had a new meaning
I finally understood what it meant to be living

I prayed and praised and thanked my God
For giving me something I can’t afford
And that was you, my one true love
Sent to me from God above

My journey was now halfway complete
I never suspected any deceit
If you had for once seen the joy in me
You would know my life was only sweet

If I had known all was a lie
And that her love wasn’t so high
Like why ever would I have pledged my heart
And started on this very painful path

I wish my love was just a PC file
That I could easily press delete
To think the one with the sweetest smile
Is the same one to give me defeat

Painful as it is, right glad I am
That I finally broke out of your charm
For if you don’t value the love we shared
Not a single thing can be repaired

You made your choice, no one forced you
You cheated on me, that’s nothing new
And though it was painful, and I got hurt
Trust me, you rather cheated on yourself

Was it the cars or mansions that he had
Was it the sleekness of his business card
If you think it was something I can’t achieve
Then your vision was blurred from the very start

Money can be earned, spent and gone
Cars can be bought, and may rust on your lawn
Superficial stuff don’t last very long
By the time you realize your big mistake,
My dear, I too will be so long gone

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