Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 29, 2019

” THIS IS MY PARADISE “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” THIS IS MY PARADISE ” by martin gedge

Image may contain: people sitting, sky, ocean, cloud, tree, beach, outdoor, nature and water

Tropical island paradise

kick off your shoes and take a slice

lay back your head while catching in some rays

for there’s nothing more dear then a sky so sincere

the sun in your face and a nice chilly beer

and the shades from the palms lets you know your on holidays

for in the cool of the blue with a ocean in view

away from your work and that god awful zoo

the race of the rats packed away in the back of your mind

there’s no pushin no shovin but summetime lovin

no ass in a sling or your head in an oven

just the passion and pleasure you treasure the time you unwind

and the feeling so rare not a whim or a care

you wake in the break not a comb in your hair

your well in the reach of the beach as the waves fill the shore

so crisp and pristine clear crystal and clean

smooth hands on your tan full of coconut cream

in a moment of chance you kick in to dance on the floor

and the awe and admire through the flames of a fire

a sunset of pearl with the girl you desire

and city of stars to light up the dark of the night

and the sweet of the room under chandelier moon

a shower to flower in a rainbow balloon

and the wish of a kiss you insist is a feeling so right…

by martin gedge©

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