Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 2, 2019

Anniversary~by rldubour

I LOVE YOU!!!! Today we celebrate our 52nd wedding anniversary!!!!!!! On October 2, 1967 at 10:20 am in Hendersen, North Carolina we said WE DO!



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As we watch the years roll past

We are proof that love can last.

Through troubled times

We have had a few

I could not have made it,

If it were not for you.

With your love and devotion

Of nothing more I ask.

And no matter what came up

You were up to fill the task.


With your understanding and patience

You are always there.

To guide us through the troubled waters,

Just because you care.

Each day that passes is our gift

This is what I see.

I take this day to celebrate

Our anniversary.


Not just once a year

But every single day.

This is how I feel for you

In this special way.

I love you more than you will know

You are my life and this is so.

As I take your hand and hold you tight

This is what I see.

That every single day of life,

Is our anniversary.

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